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Gotta have Faith…

I have come to the conclusion that I “forget” to blog as often as I should because I worry too much about how witty or clever my posts are…I see some pretty funny blogs 🙂  I want my blog to be interesting and engaging but still be true to ME…yes, that’s the little OCD girl in me. I have my thought processes and my vision of what the end result SHOULD be…ahh, reality sets in and guess what…if I don’t post, the readers have nothing to read.

My dear husband has offered to step in to be somewhat of a “secretary” of sorts to keep me focused and on track. You see, I have all these ideas in my head and most days it won’t shut off and I could be going in a million directions with great ideas but so many are nothing more than a sketch or blurb in my “sketchbook” because I have too many to tackle that I overwhlem myself and I move on to another great idea. SO…we sat down and and really dug into the areas I want to focus on and, while it is a process in itself, we are making some progress and have set some serious deadlines. He is cracking the whip when he sees me distracted (easily done) and he is so full of encouragement and support…I love you, Dan!!

I also have to mention and thank my dear friend Brenda for her encouragement as well. We haven’t known each other very long but, she is a very genuine and kind lady. She is the extrovert and I am more the introvert…she told me to break out of my shell so others can see what I have to offer. It was the boost I needed!! She has some great ideas and suggestions – some things I had thought about before and with her support, I see opportunities to grow my business even more. Its been fun chatting with her at sports practices and getting to know her and her beautiful daughters! I am looking forward to taking their pictures as well 🙂

Oh! We FINALLY sang Happy Birthday to Paige and Hailee yesterday…Paige’s birthday was Valentine’s Day but with her birthday weekend at her dad’s and then the flu hanging around our house for more than a month, we never had a day that we were all well. So, it was cheesecake and happy birthday and smiling birthday girls!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago…half day trip to Little Sahara. I absolutely love the contrast of the striking blue sky and the warm taupe sand…







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I’d rather be…

So, I realized on Friday that I started a blog post about my experience at PhotoCamp Ut and never finished it…this is the story of my life 🙂 I will finish that post but I have four photo jobs that I am editing and must post for my clients first.

After four weeks of kids and husband taking turns being sick, I finally got it. At the last minute, I decided to attend the Provo Meetup in Eureka and I am so happy I did! Shortly after getitng home, the cold/flu hit me. I spent the rest of the night in bed thinking about all the things I needed to get done but had NO energy to even move. I have not posted a single photo – ANYWHERE for almost 2 weeks and I am not happy about that. Last week was a complete blur…

PhotoCamp Ut and the field trip yesterday reminded me again that I’d rather be photographing. I know it sounds corny but, I am going to say it anyway…I was meant to be a photographer. It is my passion. I was NOT meant to be working part-time in an small unorganized doctor’s office. This economy sucks and I am so grateful to have a hard-working husband who supports my passion. So, everyday I tell myself that this is not forever 🙂 There is light at the end of the tunnel and everyday I do something to build my business – no matter how small that something may have to be. I counted the pictures that need to be edited and I stopped at just over 6,000 – its a little too overwhelming to look at the grand total. Baby steps and faith.

I downloaded the free trial of Lightroom 2 (hoping I would win it at PhotoCamp) and have been playing with it so I can get my workflow managed – thanks to Scott Jarvie for his workshop last week! I am looking forward to taking his in-depth class next time – I am always taking photos and Photoshop takes more time than I have to be spending on a lot of my pics. I can already see that LR will be a huge asset as soon as I learn how it all works :p

Now that I have gotten that off my chest…quite a rambling I must say…its back to editing client photos!

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