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Hoover Dam

While in Vegas visiting my family, my sister Hollie and I drove out to Hoover Dam with her boys (Junior, Adam, and Xavier) the temp was lower than normal this time of year but there was quitea bit of wind! I let the older boys take turns using my Digital Rebel and they really got into it! There is quitea bitof construction going on around the dam so the water levels are VERY low – made for some interesting shots…

I still have tons of pics to still edit from my trip so here’s the Dam…

CRW_3228 (Large)

IMG_5738 (Large)

IMG_5729 (Large)

IMG_5740 (Large)

IMG_5769 (Large)

IMG_5743 (Large)

IMG_5758 (Large)

IMG_5775 (Large)

IMG_5792 (Large)

IMG_5815 (Large)

IMG_5820 (Large)

More pictures are posted on my Flickr page —> see the link at the top right of this page!


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Last weekend, I took a day trip down to Eureka, Utah and stopped here and there along the way…here are a few photos…more to come!

CRW_2887c (Medium)

IMG_3549c (Medium)

IMG_3538c (Medium)

This picture of the train would have been fabulous if I had been a few feet further to the right (blasted sign) but, I still like it đŸ™‚

IMG_3508c (Medium)

IMG_3492c (Medium)

IMG_3475c (Medium)

IMG_3486c (Medium)

IMG_3417c (Medium)

CRW_2891c (Medium)

This one is a “teaser” for the next group of photos I will post…I had fun here and could have spent more time wandering but, I was quickly running out of memory card space. I have learned my lesson and now that I am shooting RAW, I know I need to invest in larger Compact Flash Cards!

IMG_3554c (Medium)

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I’m in Love

I was out photographing homes this morning and one of the properties had wall of lovely peonies in several shades of pink – from pale/almost white to a deep “happy” pink. I had a packed morning so I called the agent and asked if he would mind me going back to take pics of the beauties later…he was more than happy to invite me back! So here they are….can you disagree that these are absolutely gorgeous? If I could only have one flower in my garden, this would be it!

I’ll post these and others on Flickr ( ) as well…I’d love to hear what you think!

IMG_4085c (Large)

IMG_4074c (Large)

IMG_4073c (Large)

IMG_4069c (Large)

IMG_4064c (Large)

IMG_4061c (Large)

IMG_4053c (Large)

IMG_4059c (Large)

IMG_4050c (Large)

IMG_4052c (Large)

IMG_4047c (Large)

IMG_4091c (Large)

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw this little guy and decided to snap a shot…I don’t think he was in a big hurry to get be somewhere…

IMG_4095c (Large)

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