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Watson kiddos

These kids were so fun to shoot…kinda like my own – all three have such different personalities and so stinkin’ cute! I have to admit I am a little jealous of Heather because she did get a red- head child! To get mine, I just look forward to the red hightlights Paige gets in the summer 🙂

This is what I love about photographing kids – you have to be on your toes and be ready for that unexpected expression. Photographing them in their own environment can be exactly what a shoot needs, especially for the younger ones. They are more comfortable in their surroundings and then I can just get in there…then step back…talk and play and then, voila, they sometimes forget I am even there (usually, lol)

Here’s a little teaser from that fun morning…and thanks to Heather for inviting me into her beautiful home 🙂









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Macro Mania

I have always loved macro photography…I think it is fascinating to focus in on the minute details that would not otherwise be seen. It offers a different perspective and a new appreciation for the world we live in. 

That said, here are a few of my favorites from last week…






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Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was a little different that we are used to…we had planned to make a trip to Vegas to see my parents and my baby sister in their new house but the weather was awful and the heater is not working in the Jeep…SO…we decided to wait.

We hadn’t put up any decorations because we were going to be gone…so, just a few days before Christmas, we put up a mini tree and a few decorations in the living room to get into the spirit of things.

Christmas morning was nice – the girls let Dan and I sleep until 9am!!! Then before we started opening presents, we put our traditional orange rolls in the oven to bake for breakfast – DeLiCiOuS!!


The highlight of Hailee’s Christmas was definitely her Twilight book autographed by Stephenie Meyer – she was speechless (and that doesn’t happen very often).


Ashley’s favorite thing was her “My Meeba” – one of those digital pet games. She has been asking for one for months so it was fun to see her excitement when she opened it…it gave itself away when it started making noise on its own 🙂


Paige absolutely LOVES Littlest Pet Shop so, it was no surprise that she went nuts after opening all her new “pets.” She has been asking for the Butterscotch Horse (that you can sit on) forever but she is too big for it and mom couldn’t justify the cost if she couldn’t really play with it like it was intended. The My Little Ponies she got more than made up for it – she said she didn’t need Butterscotch anymore *whew* 


It was nice to spend a lazy morning with the girls, seeing all they received and hearing them say it was “the best Christmas ever.”  The weather was lousy and their dad was a little late picking them up…that just gave me more time to play with them before they left for 10 days!!

This holiday season I feel very blessed for my beautiful daughters, a loving and supportive husband, for my family who I love, and for good friends. It truly helped us appreciate the true meaning of Christmas by taking so much of the focus off the commercial aspect of it all. We talked about why and what we are celebrating this time of year – we are so blessed and I am grateful for the Savior and for his sacrifice.

Merry Christmas!!

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Christmas Eve 2008


 This year we decided to make peanut butter cookies for Santa…mix things up a bit. I think he was pleased since he ate every one! Ashley and Paige really got into it and had fun mixing, scooping, baking…and of course, eating!!!



It was late and we were all tired and ready for bed…this shot really made me laugh! They won’t be happy to see I posted it but, I’m the mom…

Oh Hailee SO did not want me to take her picture – she informed me that this was a courtesy shot to prove she helped (she announced she’s no longer a fan of peanut butter cookies)


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