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Viva Las Vegas

Just a quick post again tonight 🙂 The last week of school always seems to be jam packed full of activities and lots of running around. Its a little emotional for me as well – my girls spend the month of June with their dad and it only takes a few days before I am missing them terribly. This will be our last weekend before they go…I am already anticipating the quiet house…

Last month we drove down to Vegas to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day. She was surprised (Jessica and I kept it a secret for just over two weeks) and it was such a nice weekend. It ended up lasting longer than we intended (Ashley & Paige got horribly sunburned and they blistered) so the last two days were spent trying to comfort them and keep the burns cool. Poor Paige was forced wear nothing but her undies and Ashley put the gel ice packs to good use. It gave me extra time enjoy being close to my family again despite the urgency to get back home and back to work.

We drove out to Red Rock Canyon and drove the scenic loop – it was beautiful! I have never been there before when I was younger, our trips to Vegas kept us on The Strip or very close to it! I never realizedhow GREEN the desert can be! We would drive a few feet and I’d stop to get out and take pictures or take in the view. Away from the rush of thecity, it was so serene.

_MG_9531 (Large)

_MG_9504 (Large)

_MG_9479 (Large)

_MG_9486 (Large)

Next time you’re in Vegas, take the 40 minute drive West of  The Strip and drive around. There are a few other places you can check out while you are out there. It will be well worth your time!

Visit my Flickr page to see more pics of Red Rock Canyon!


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