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Make a Wish


Its been a very busy week and I have been busy taking & editing photos AND I am finally getting my blog designed to look the way I really want it! I am excited for the “unveiling” and I’ll be so happy to have a blog I can be proud of!

Many other changes and improvements to come over the next several weeks so blogs may likely be quick posts of pictures with brief descriptions and/or updates so, until then…



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I’m in Love

I was out photographing homes this morning and one of the properties had wall of lovely peonies in several shades of pink – from pale/almost white to a deep “happy” pink. I had a packed morning so I called the agent and asked if he would mind me going back to take pics of the beauties later…he was more than happy to invite me back! So here they are….can you disagree that these are absolutely gorgeous? If I could only have one flower in my garden, this would be it!

I’ll post these and others on Flickr ( ) as well…I’d love to hear what you think!

IMG_4085c (Large)

IMG_4074c (Large)

IMG_4073c (Large)

IMG_4069c (Large)

IMG_4064c (Large)

IMG_4061c (Large)

IMG_4053c (Large)

IMG_4059c (Large)

IMG_4050c (Large)

IMG_4052c (Large)

IMG_4047c (Large)

IMG_4091c (Large)

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw this little guy and decided to snap a shot…I don’t think he was in a big hurry to get be somewhere…

IMG_4095c (Large)

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Patience and a Sense of Humor

Oh, the humor life throws at you – at least that’s the attitude I am adopting. It has been several weeks since I last posted, after yet again committing to blogging several times a week. Once again, I am committing this goal and I am putting up a cork board above my desk with my written goals and daily reminders (I am a mom to 3 busy and creative daughters…I NEED reminders) and have determined that blogging in the morning or early afternoon will be best suited to my schedule.

I have a list of new clients…working out details of scheduling shoots and getting very exctied for the Southern Utah Portrait Workshop put on by Eric Hamilton June 11-14. I am thrilled to see how much he is offering at such a phenominal price (working on getting my baby sister to come up and attend with me)

Real Estate tours have picked up quite a bit and I always enjoy meeting new agents and seeing the fantastic work some homeowners do to beautify their homes 🙂 I am working on ideas to more effectively market myself in this industry and intend to display some of my work in that area of photography.

Lots on my plate and I welcome it! I am working so many things with my business, home, kids, and personal life…it can be overwhelming! I am optimistic and remind myself that Iam doing what I love, what I am passionate about and make no apologies for my occassional ramblings 😉

I’m posting a few more pics here but, please visit my Flickr page for more photos.

I am also on Facebook (cindi christensen jones) and Twitter (cindirenee)

IMG_7233c (Large)

IMG_7258c (Large)

_MG_0776c (Large)

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Gotta have Faith…

I have come to the conclusion that I “forget” to blog as often as I should because I worry too much about how witty or clever my posts are…I see some pretty funny blogs 🙂  I want my blog to be interesting and engaging but still be true to ME…yes, that’s the little OCD girl in me. I have my thought processes and my vision of what the end result SHOULD be…ahh, reality sets in and guess what…if I don’t post, the readers have nothing to read.

My dear husband has offered to step in to be somewhat of a “secretary” of sorts to keep me focused and on track. You see, I have all these ideas in my head and most days it won’t shut off and I could be going in a million directions with great ideas but so many are nothing more than a sketch or blurb in my “sketchbook” because I have too many to tackle that I overwhlem myself and I move on to another great idea. SO…we sat down and and really dug into the areas I want to focus on and, while it is a process in itself, we are making some progress and have set some serious deadlines. He is cracking the whip when he sees me distracted (easily done) and he is so full of encouragement and support…I love you, Dan!!

I also have to mention and thank my dear friend Brenda for her encouragement as well. We haven’t known each other very long but, she is a very genuine and kind lady. She is the extrovert and I am more the introvert…she told me to break out of my shell so others can see what I have to offer. It was the boost I needed!! She has some great ideas and suggestions – some things I had thought about before and with her support, I see opportunities to grow my business even more. Its been fun chatting with her at sports practices and getting to know her and her beautiful daughters! I am looking forward to taking their pictures as well 🙂

Oh! We FINALLY sang Happy Birthday to Paige and Hailee yesterday…Paige’s birthday was Valentine’s Day but with her birthday weekend at her dad’s and then the flu hanging around our house for more than a month, we never had a day that we were all well. So, it was cheesecake and happy birthday and smiling birthday girls!

Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago…half day trip to Little Sahara. I absolutely love the contrast of the striking blue sky and the warm taupe sand…






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Christmas 2008

Christmas this year was a little different that we are used to…we had planned to make a trip to Vegas to see my parents and my baby sister in their new house but the weather was awful and the heater is not working in the Jeep…SO…we decided to wait.

We hadn’t put up any decorations because we were going to be gone…so, just a few days before Christmas, we put up a mini tree and a few decorations in the living room to get into the spirit of things.

Christmas morning was nice – the girls let Dan and I sleep until 9am!!! Then before we started opening presents, we put our traditional orange rolls in the oven to bake for breakfast – DeLiCiOuS!!


The highlight of Hailee’s Christmas was definitely her Twilight book autographed by Stephenie Meyer – she was speechless (and that doesn’t happen very often).


Ashley’s favorite thing was her “My Meeba” – one of those digital pet games. She has been asking for one for months so it was fun to see her excitement when she opened it…it gave itself away when it started making noise on its own 🙂


Paige absolutely LOVES Littlest Pet Shop so, it was no surprise that she went nuts after opening all her new “pets.” She has been asking for the Butterscotch Horse (that you can sit on) forever but she is too big for it and mom couldn’t justify the cost if she couldn’t really play with it like it was intended. The My Little Ponies she got more than made up for it – she said she didn’t need Butterscotch anymore *whew* 


It was nice to spend a lazy morning with the girls, seeing all they received and hearing them say it was “the best Christmas ever.”  The weather was lousy and their dad was a little late picking them up…that just gave me more time to play with them before they left for 10 days!!

This holiday season I feel very blessed for my beautiful daughters, a loving and supportive husband, for my family who I love, and for good friends. It truly helped us appreciate the true meaning of Christmas by taking so much of the focus off the commercial aspect of it all. We talked about why and what we are celebrating this time of year – we are so blessed and I am grateful for the Savior and for his sacrifice.

Merry Christmas!!

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Christmas Eve 2008


 This year we decided to make peanut butter cookies for Santa…mix things up a bit. I think he was pleased since he ate every one! Ashley and Paige really got into it and had fun mixing, scooping, baking…and of course, eating!!!



It was late and we were all tired and ready for bed…this shot really made me laugh! They won’t be happy to see I posted it but, I’m the mom…

Oh Hailee SO did not want me to take her picture – she informed me that this was a courtesy shot to prove she helped (she announced she’s no longer a fan of peanut butter cookies)


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